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September 28, 2008

bharry’s WebLog : Charting a course for TFS "Rosario

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Perhaps the biggest call we made for Rosario was to drop support for SQLServer 2005. Rosario will only support SQLServer 2008 and later. That was a controversial decision but it is a final decision. The primary driving force behind it is that the Report Server feature in SQLServer 2008 is sooooo much improved over that in previous versions that we simply could not pass up taking advantage of it for Rosario.

Huge change in the next version of TFS! No support for Sql Server 2005 is huge! Hope everybody is getting the message!

If I were to deploy TFS now and be prepared for the future I’d order two boxes; one with Hyper-V installed and running a VM with Windows Server 2008 and the application layer installed. The other box would be a W2K8 with Sql Server 2008 on. On box number 1 I’d also add at least one more VM to use as a build server. depending on what kind of software you’re producing you might want a third VM for test installs of your software (ISV). Hyper-V is cheap, fast and simple. It lacks a bit compared to VMWare ESX, but that’ll come in v.Next. I believe the 80/20 rule is in effect here.

bharry’s WebLog : Charting a course for TFS "Rosario

February 25, 2008

Making the Most Out of the SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard

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I’ve used this to identify our performance problems; looks like VMWare is the culprit. 

Making the Most Out of the SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard

November 20, 2007

SQL Server Version Database

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 This is pretty handy! It basically lists all patches to Sql Server.

Source: SQL Server Version Database

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