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October 1, 2008

Marquee de Sells: Chris’s insight outlet

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Chris Sells also comments on the jQuery thing and I have to say I respect that man! Let’s hope his best-case scenario pans out:

… is that Microsoft learns to play nicely in this world, submitting features, changes and bug fixes to the jQuery source tree in a way that’s consistent with the vision from which jQuery sprang, making it work better for Microsoft customers and non-Microsoft customers alike.

Marquee de Sells: Chris’s insight outlet

September 29, 2008

jQuery and Microsoft – ScottGu’s Blog

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that Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio going forward. We will distribute the jQuery JavaScript library as-is, and will not be forking or changing the source from the main jQuery branch. The files will continue to use and ship under the existing jQuery MIT license. We will also distribute intellisense-annotated versions that provide great Visual Studio intellisense and help-integration at design-time.

Another win for ScottGu and Microsoft! Well done! And this I believe is the way Microsoft should continue to do business in the future. Some might see it as embrace and extend, and in some respects it is, but in a good way. πŸ™‚ Take my word for it.

jQuery and Microsoft – ScottGu’s Blog

March 7, 2008

Singularity RDK – Home

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Singularity, in code and binary! How cool is that? Holy cow! πŸ™‚

I’ve been fascinated by Singularity from day #1 and this is another step towards my dream; Microsoft creates a super stable/secure/responsive OS, using the best tools and best practice we know now and implements a Super Powerful(tm) virtualization engine that enables us (users) to run every Windows version under the sun in a VM; thus enabling us to run every Window application ever written and then some! That sentence was ugly! I need to improve my writing skills… But the dream is there anyways. What would be even better is this; team up with one or more CPU manufacturers (Intel, IBM, AMD) and create an open and free architecture and build an open and free kernel on top of it. Then enable others to build great applications on top of that again. Microsoft could then sell their Windows Virtualization Engine to enable man+dog to run old Windows applications… Better yet; team up with Novel and make sure that the OS API is compatible with .Net/Mono so we can run most of our .Net application with out virtualization and we can develop applications in a managed 1 library, many languages world. How cool would that be?

Singularity RDK – Home

October 22, 2007

SUPERGUIDE: The Open Source Challenge. How to replace Windows completely with Ubuntu. | APC Magazine

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Link to SUPERGUIDE: The Open Source Challenge. How to replace Windows completely with Ubuntu. | APC Magazine

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